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  • Should I incorporate my business?
  • Should my corporation elect to be an S- Corporation for tax purposes?

Individual Clients

This is where we help you minimize your income taxes. It is said that the U.S. taxpayer's responsibility to the government is to pay the least amount of tax allowed under the law. We help our clients to use every legal tax saving technique to minimize the tax.

We help you answer questions such as:

  • How much interest can I deduct on my home loan?
  • Can I deduct interest on a home equity loan?
  • Can I deduct interest on the margin account with my stock broker?
  • How can I maximize deduction for charitable contribution?
  • Is there an advantage of donating property with appreciated value?
  • Is there a limit on deduction for charitable donations?
  • Am I entitled to HOPE credit?
  • Am I entitled to LIFE TIME LEARNING credit?
  • Am I entitled to EARNED INCOME credit?
  • Am I entitled to FOREIGN INCOME tax credit?
  • How do I deduct my car and other expenses incurred for my job?
  • What expenses qualify as medical expenses?
  • Am I subject to state Income taxes?
  • Can I deduct losses on sale of my investments?
  • How is my profit on sale of investments taxed?
  • Does investment in rental real estate provide any tax benefits?
  • How do I deduct my OFFICE AT HOME expenses?
  • Should I take standard deduction or itemize?
  • Should I file a joint return or a separate return ?
  • Should I contribute to a deductible IRA or ROTH IRA?
  • Do I need to pay estimated taxes?
  • Can I claim my parents as my dependants?
  • Does my children's income to be reported on my taxes?
  • Is there a tax advantage in working abroad?

This where we help you in planning for future financial independence, retirement planning, and estate planning for smooth and tax effective transfer to family members. We help you decide on will, trusts, Retirement Plans. We help you in planning for your financial goal and security. We help you plan for savings , investments, insurance,  savings for college education for children and achieving financial independence.

We help you answer questions such as :

  • How much should I save for future to reach my retirement goals?
  • Should I contribute to my employer's 401(k) plan?
  • Should I contribute to IRA?
  • What should be my investment strategy to reach my financial goal?
  • Should I buy a life insurance? If so, How much?
  • Should I buy a disability insurance?
  • How much mortgage should have on my home?
  • Should I buy or rent?
  • How can I establish credit to be able to borrow?


We help our client s plan for a smooth transfer of their wealth to their family members and minimize the estate taxes( also called "Death Taxes"). We help you answer questions such as:

  • Should I give a gift to my family members?
  • Is there a tax on the gift ?
  • Should I have a will ?
  • What should be included in the will?
  • Should I create
  • Is life insurance included in taxable estate?
  • Is there any benefit of owning a life insurance for estate tax payment?


Here we help you with your investment decisions to meet your long term goals.